Wadenhoe Church

Project Overview

Client: Wadenhoe PCC

Location: Northamptonshire

Architect: Freeland Rees Roberts

Contractor: C.E.L

Value: £115,000

Programme: 26 Weeks

Materials: Carpentry, Stainless Steel, Stonework

Wadenhoe Church

Metal thefts are a very prominent issue in the ecclesiastical world at this time however it is not something that is new to the church of St Peter at Deene in Northamptonshire. Having lost its original lead covering in the 1950’s when lead had an equally high value the timbers had been covered with asbestos sheets ever since

With the promotion of the Lead Batten Roll alternative system being championed by C.E.L Ltd for exactly the reason of theft assurance and a softening of English Heritages consideration for alternative systems to lead a scheme was developed between architects Freeland Rees Roberts and C.E.L Ltd