Barnwell Priory

Historic and inappropriate masonry repairs were removed and new detailing added to successfully conserve and consolidate the structural integrity of this historic building.
The CEL Group worked closely with both architects and structural engineers, Cameron Taylor, to conserve and consolidate the crumbling medieval masonry of this historic building.

Project Overview

Client: Donald Insall Associates/Cambridge City Council

Location: Barnwell Priory, Cambridge

Architect: Mark Wilkinson of Donald Insall Associates

Value: £35,000

Programme: 8 Weeks

Materials: Masonry, Heli Bar system

Barnwell Priory, Cambridge

Working under the auspices of Mark Wilkinson of Donald Insall Associates, The CEL Group's brief was to undertake the conservation and consolidation of the friable medieval masonry of this historic building.

Historic and inappropriate repairs to the building were removed and new conservation detailing was required to ensure the fabric was allowed to breathe, as originally intended. Due to the age of the structure, the traditional use of an inner masonry wall, with an outer masonry wall filled with rubble had to be reproduced, while keeping the building stable for the masons to work in. This was achieved with guidance from structural engineers, Cameron Taylor.