Long Barn, Cockthorpe

Project Overview

Client: Living Architecture

Location: Cockthorpe, Norfolk

Architect: Mole Architect

Contractor: O Seamans & Son Ltd

Materials: Rheinzink Blue/Grey, Bevent, Rainwater Goods

Long Barn, Cockthorpe

Long Barn is an innovative holiday home, the fourth to be constructed by Living Architecture is a new social enterprise set up to revolutionise both architecture and UK holiday rentals which aims to give the general public the opportunity to experience domestic contemporary architecture at first hand, with the properties being available to rent from a weekend to a seven-day stay.

This is the second building that we have worked alongside O Seaman & Son Ltd who were the Principle contractors on this project.  The Balancing Barn is also featured on our website and showcases the fabulous works that architects' Hopkins have achieved.

Rheinzink Blue/Grey was used for the roof covering, verge flashings and rainwater goods.  The gutters were made from 6mm mild steel which were then 'cold galvanised' then coated in three different layers of special paint.

Hopkins were very particular on this project, insisting that everything was installed to a +/- 1mm tolerance, we expected nothing less from this award winning architects.

Vince Fitter, Contracts Manager on this project says "Everything on the building lines up, ie: the roof trays were installed to 600mm centres which in turn lined up with the seams in the gutter and then the window mullians, which then lined up with the door frames, which lined up with the joins in the slabs.  Even down to the drainage in the ground which are now covered up. The building has not only been designed but constructed in complete synergy."

"The installation of the gutters were very carefully planned.  Because of the weight of them we had to install one piece in the middle on one side and work our way out, alternating from side to side.  We are very proud to have been part of such an amazing build."