Sea Container House

Project Overview

Location: London

Architect: EPR Architects Limited, London

Contractor: Byrne Group

Value: £680,000

Programme: 17 weeks

Description: Work started on this project many weeks before CEL arrived on site, working closely with our specialist sub-contract carpenters the hull was formed at their workshop prior to being delivered to site for installation. While the hull was being installed on site our detailer was undertaking the difficult task of plotting out the copper panels and creating working drawings; the drawings would have to reflect the architects design and also be easy to work to on site due to the complex design. Erection of the 42 internal hull timber panels commenced at the end of May 2013 and was ready for the installation of the copper panels in September. The 1300 copper panels were cut to size and pre-drilled off site and then sent to a specialist company for patination along with the 65,000 copper nails that are being used to fit the panels. With many trades and over 1500 operatives on site deliveries have to be booked in days in advance, once on site and fitted, the panels then have to be protected to avoid any damage occurring with so many trades working in the vicinity; with this in mind CEL have decided to have a full time site supervisor present on site while the works take place. Due to the design of the substrate some of the copper panels have had to be 'worked' using an English wheel and various hand tools to stretch them, the panels used to do this are bright copper which is fitted to the substrate temporarily and then removed and sent for patination before being re-fitted. The contract is on-going and is due to be complete early 2014.